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Tips on How to Survive Living in an RV? 

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Are you planning to live in an RV? Living a simple life on a road can be fun. You can travel around without limit. You take your house with you. But there are considerations to take when you decide to live in an RV. Read them below: 

Living in an RV  

Dos When Living in an RV 

  1. Do mind your budget. You leave your comfortable life because you want to go on an adventure in RV. There are expenses you don’t want to pay such as mortgage, utility bills and any expenses a comfortable lifestyle accumulate. But there are also cost of living in an RV. What takes most of your budget is the fuel and your daily food. Many people love to explore different local delicacies. If you did not prepare a budget, you may end up spending a lot of money on food. Also, you may spend a lot of money on sightseeing. You may think that you are spending less but you are not aware that you are already out of the budget. What if your RV broke down? Will you have money to fix it? So, better stick with your monthly budget.
  2. Do always check for rainproof. When you are in a new place, always check your roof and other parts of your RV for leaks. When traveling sometimes parts of your RV go unsealed, most especially on older versions. Everything should be in place because when it rains, the inside of your place will get wet. So, seal the hole that must be sealed.
  3. Do plan your itinerary. Your travel activities when living in an RV is very flexible. You have the time and places you want to go such asPleasanton RV Park. There will be people who will recommend which places you have to go. Don’t get overwhelmed by the places you want to go. Plan and then go road trip. A plan which places you will visit first, then you go to those places one by one. You can go to all the destinations you want as long as there is a concrete plan.

Don’ts When Living in an RV 

  1. Don’t forget to have comfort. Just because you are going to live in an RV, you go living frugally. Why not invest in furniture? Get comfortable and fluffy sofa. Get the softest sheet you can have. Buy nice kitchen wares and utensils. Remember your RV is like your home. You should also make it a place comfortable to live.
  2. Don’t be sad when things are going wrong. Sometimes we face countless problems on the road. There will be accidents, vehicle problems, leaks and many more. The list is countless. What you can do in those situations are to relax and don’t get panic. Call for help. There will be many people who are willing to help on the road.
  3. Don’t spend all your day inside. Explore and have fun. What is the point of living in an RV when you spend your entire day inside? Traveling on the road should be fun.
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